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We are your one-stop shop for tires in the Okanagan! We carry all major tire brands for most makes and models. Use our no-obligation tool to compare and select the best winter tires for your vehicle, and take advantage of our limited-time offer of
"Buy 3 Tires, Get 4th Tire Free" for select tire sets!



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Winter Tires

Winter tires are not only useful in snowy conditions, but also perform better than all-season tires at temperatures below 7°C. Winter tires are made to maintain superior traction in cold weather, as well as icy, snowy, or slushy roads.

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Remember - winter tires are designed for cold conditions. Once it's starting to warm up, it's time to change back to all-season tires. Flexible, softer winter tires wear down quickly in warm conditions. While high-quality winter tires are much better in that regard, using winter tires year round still isn't recommended

All Season Tires

The next best thing for Canadian drivers is to equip their
vehicle with a set of all-season tires and a set for winter.
You can browse through our online catalog to find a set
of tires for your vehicle.

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We've got you covered with the top tire brands including Goodyear, Firestone, Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, Pirelli, Yokohama and more. Whatever your need is, our experts will help fit you with the right tire for your ride.


There's a lot to know when it comes to tires. Take a look at these videos to get up to speed on the importance of proper tire maintenance and how to know if it's time to replace your tires.




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